DMC 2016

The central topic of the DATA MINING CUP 2016 competition was the prediction of the return rates for a fashion distributor. Returns have been a major cost driver for online shops...

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DMC 2015

DMC 2015 - 1st place: Team 1 of Iowa State University

The DATA MINING CUP 2015 deals with the topic of coupon generation. What is interesting in this case is the impact of coupons on the shopping basket value as well as the...

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DMC 2014

DMC 2014 - 1st place: Team 1 of Iowa State University

The year 2014 presented participants with yet another tricky data mining task. The topic this time was “Forecasting returns”. Returns constitute a very significant cost factor for...

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DMC 2013

DMC 2013 - Winning Team: Technischen Universität Dortmund, Team 2

Search, find, click - and off to the shopping basket with the product. In an ideal world, that is how online dealers imagine the surfing and purchasing patterns of shop customers....

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DMC 2012

DMC 2012 - winner team task 1 from University of Duisburg-Essen, team 1

The issue of automatic price optimization in e-commerce is increasing in importance. This is in particular due to the fact that significant increases in margins can be achieved...

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DMC 2011

DMC 2011 - winners (Task 1) from Technical University Dortmund

Recommendation engines (REs) are increasingly being used in ecommercefor product recommendations. Recommendation algorithms calculate and automatically recommend products on the...

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DMC 2010

DMC 2010 - 1st place: Team 2 Karlsruher Institute of Technology

Many customers only make an order in an online shop once. There are many reasons why they do not make another order. Online dealers try to counteract this using appropriate...

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DMC 2009

DMC 2009 - Winners: Michael Prim, Fabian Keller, Johannes Munk ( r.), Uni Karlsruhe

The motto of the this year's competition was "Data Mining for Bestsellers". The task of the DMC Competition 2009 was to forecast purchase quantities for several...

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DMC 2008

[Translate to english:] DMC 2008 - 1. Platz: Tobias Weyand, RWTH Aachen

Who doesn't dream of a big lottery windfall? The problem to be solved in the DATA MINING CUP (DMC) Competition 2008 brings us closer to this dream. The South German Class...

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DMC 2007

DMC 2007 - 1st place: Christian Buck, RWTH Aachen

Rebate systems are quite important in classical retail. No matter if fixed via customer card, flexible via campaigns or targeted via couponing, rebates are an important...

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DMC 2006

DMC 2006 - Simon Honc, Moritz Schlie and Jens Salomon

 Auction platforms have become an important element of the internet community.   The name eBay is certainly a synonym for this success. Due to its enourmous reach,...

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DMC 2005

DMC 2005 - Prof. Dr. Werner Dilger and the winner Ilja Bezrukov, RWTH Aaachen

Compared with the standard stationary trade the online trade is an eldorado for small and big "swindlers" who may even operate as well organized criminal gangs. The rule...

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DMC 2004

DMC 2004 - f.l.t.r.: Prof. Dr. Werner Dilger (TU Chemnitz), Dr. Michael Semmler (Quelle) and Arne Mauser (RWTH Aachen)

Compared with other classical branches, the data situation inthe mail order industry is extraordinary good. Thus it's notsurprising that this is a domain of successful Data...

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DMC 2003

DMC 2003 - Winner: Torsten Hildebrand, TU Ilmenau

Each day, about 25 Mio. of unwelcome emails - so-called spam mails - are sent. This corresponds to 10 percent of all emails worldwide. Performed investigations with the employees...

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DMC 2002

DMC 2002 - 1st place    Hendrik Eisenberg, Hochschule Anhalt-Köthen)

The task specification of the Data Mining Cup 2002 consisted in the analysis of anonymized customer data. Based on given data, a forecasting model to optimize a direct mailing...

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    prudsys personalization summit 2017: Machine learning leads to retail success
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Important Dates

March 8, 2017 - start of registration

April 5, 2017 - start of competition and announcement task

May 17, 2017, 14:00 CEST (2 o'clock p.m. UTC+2, or CEST) - end of competition and closing date

June 27-28, 2017 - prudsys personalization summit in Berlin, Germany and award ceremony

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